The waiting is over. Our budget is back, professionally finished and wow…finally we can move forward. It was a long 18 months full of ups and downs, but we have an accurate budget . It is actually lower than I thought it would be and well, that is awesome news. Now it is raising the funds. If you would like to view our fundraisers, one is tax deductible, one is not. But both come with great perks. The first one IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE via our Fiscal Sponsor – From the Heart Productions.



Thirteen years is a long time to wait. But one really cannot put a time limit on a dream. I had no idea when I first started to write the story of Summer Ray, how big it was going to get. One volume has turned into seven and I am pretty sure there will be at least an 8th & 9th volume added. I am confident the 2 hour pilot will be a smashing success and we will continue on with a made for TV series. Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world and thank you for your amazing support of our project. You are so greatly appreciated. When I see the stats of how Summer Ray has reached around the world, it brings happy tears to my eyes. Our prayer is that you will find something in Summer Ray that will bring you closer to God, touch your life & make you smile. Sending my love and heartfelt appreciation for your support. You help to keep me going and words cannot thank you enough!


*TO VIEW THE BOOK SERIES PLEASE VISIT: www.thememoirsofsummerray.com


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