Upgrade the upgrades! What may have looked great last year, month or week, may not be so awesome today. It can be exhausting having to “raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve by adding or replacing components.” I love the definition to raise something to a higher standard. Branding, research, study, websites, bio’s, videos, podcasts, emails, newsletters – the list goes on and on. But these things are necessary to reach the multitude of people, I hope to introduce the world of Summer Ray to. There is also word of mouth, search engines, Social Media etc., that people can also find our project. The point is, we need to be found regardless of who does the finding.

Today on my website where my bio is, I finally noticed a typo. Why didn’t I notice it all of the other times I read it? I don’t know. But sometimes our eyes just skip over important stuff like that and it is a good idea to just check again, weeks or months later. In the very near future, I am going to have a Marketing Director who will also be able to help with the proof reading. There is so much that needs to be promoted and marketed with book tours etc., as well as the pilot. When I look at the many jobs that Summer Ray is creating, I just cannot help but get excited. We are helping the economy as well as amazing people who want to be a part of our growing project.

I thought my script was locked. Nope! So, once again I am back to it with rewrites. But this only improves the script and brings it to a higher emotional level. These new added scenes will bring depth that the script was missing as well as that emotional connection. If viewers do not connect, they won’t stick with the series. It is so much easier to write connection in a book. But a script, not so much. It’s very hard and possibly why it has taken so long to perfect it. We will only have one chance to get the pilot right. We really do want the extraordinary and it takes a higher level of diligence to get it there. This takes professionalism. This takes going that extra mile, ten or 100 miles. There is a lot of frustration involved. But we overcome it because on the other side of that rewrite, is something spectacular, and that is a reason to get happy! We may be eager to jump into production. But we know it is best to linger in pre-production just a little longer if we have to, in order to bring to the world the best of the best, of our Summer Ray project.


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