I have been figure skating a very long time; 21 years and still going strong. When you see Olympic skaters, they make skating look effortless. They are showcasing their magnificent -“impressively beautiful, elaborate, extravagant and striking” skills, they have spent years mastering. But from the time they learn, “March, March, Glide…” to a triple axel, there is so much in between that has to happen, in order to have the finished and polished program, worthy of an Olympian.

I feel this way about filmmaking. I know we are in our 13th year of Summer Ray and some might think we should be finished by now. But if I want a finished product that is a champion product, I simply cannot stop until we are able to produce that. If our goal is to help be a light in a very dark world,

and entertain at the same time, we have to have our standards high and our expectations even higher. The viewer is our number one priority. When you watch our film, will we move you with and to your own emotions? Will you be able to relate to one or more of our storylines? Will we help you in your own struggles? Will we be able to help you smile, if you weren’t smiling before you sat to watch our film? These are the questions that are important to us, and these are the questions that motivate us, to focus our attention on the Olympics and all it takes to get us there!


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