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Generally, I do not post two blogs in the same day. But when I come across something useful for me as a filmmaker, I like to share it, in hopes that it will be a blessing to those who read this. While still waiting for the budget to get back to me, I am thinking, “Okay! The house is built and it just needs some finishing touches. Then it needs to be staged to make it look more attractive to investors, or anyone who would like to donate to our project.” What can we do to make our projects more attractive to those who will be helping us to make them a reality? For me the #1 way to stage my project, is to make sure it is professional. For instance, if I am sending a business package – are there typos? Yikes! How professional can I be, if I am not sending my best work? The Summer Ray book series has been edited over 100 times. Why? Because I wanted them to be as close to perfectly edited as possible. (To view the book series please visit I don’t want to insult any potential investor by wasting their time, if my project is not properly staged and ready to be seen. So I am thinking of other ways as well, to make sure that it is ready to be seen.

There is trial and error, delay and setbacks. But there is always something new to learn. Impatient isn’t always the best way to be. When we are impatient, we could miss a critical step that could send us back years, instead of months. We can’t be in such a rush to get in front of an investor if our pitch sucks. #2 Truly, we must perfect our pitch. There is a ton of resources to learn from to get our pitch professional. We just have to look for it! Another thing to have is honesty and integrity. If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you can’t, or can’t do it on time, at least have the courtesy to be up front about it. Honesty, goes a long way and so does a good reputation. Both are part of our moral character good or bad. George Washington once stated, “Good moral character is the first essential in a man.” I would rather work with an honest inexperienced person than one who has experience but isn’t dependable. The inexperienced, honest person will learn and gain wisdom with on the job training. But it is difficult to work with someone you cannot rely on, or who makes promises he or she does not keep. It messes up the whole eco-system of the project. Why? It is because we are linked together to make something of value. When the links are broken, what happens? The project stalls until the links are connected again with new people. It is exhausting at times and it has happened to me time and time again. But I press through because I am not quitting on this project. I know God will make a way even when it looks like no way is possible. He is possible! I believe that with all my heart. I just don’t like the delays and I hate to be stuck. But truthfully, I am not stuck. I may have felt that way this morning. But I know now that I need to be working on perfecting the pitch. I need to make sure that we are staging the project properly. We want to be respectful of those who will be listening to our pitch and we seriously, do not want to waste anyone’s precious time!

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