My level of success is contingent upon my level of discipline and determination. Success can always be reached. But it won’t be reached, if I am not disciplined and determined to get there. If I don’t get to the level of success that I want, it is my fault and only my fault. Distractions and obstacles, are only excuses and they don’t amount to a hill of beans. Success is out there in the universe and God has given us the ability to reach it. But we cannot reach for the stars, if our mindset is in the ditch. Most battles, most successes are fought and won in our mind. I respect the fact that even as an adult figure skater reaching for my skating dreams is, at times, rather painful. I fall. I bruise. I break. I cry. I wonder why I get back up at all only to suffer some of those same things week after week. I don’t like living off of Tylenol or Aleve. But there are times when I simply am in too much pain.

After getting new skates, normally I could break them in within a few days. My newest pair, not so much. It has been five months and I am still breaking them in. The process has been excruciating. It got so bad that I almost quit skating. The skates that were supposed to help me advance, made me feel like an beginner. After twenty years of skating that was an awful feeling. But thankfully, I overcame my own depressive thoughts and prayed. I was like, “Okay God. You know how to fix this issue. What am I supposed to do to break these skates in?” The first thing I thought of was the weight of my new skates was more than my old pair. Also at the time I switched to new skates, I had surgery and I lost a lot of my muscle strength in my legs. I was wearing myself out and literally making myself sick at the same time because I was not physically strong enough yet, to break in new skates. Thank You, God! I knew at that point it was going to be great!

So, I started to make adjustments. The first time I added 2.5 pound weights strapped to my ankles and power walked for 3 miles, I noticed instantly how much stronger I felt. I have been putting the cart before the horse so to speak, expecting the cart to take me somewhere that it couldn’t. I feel this way sometimes with the project. I know it is easy to want to run ahead and to get where we all want to be right now. But it takes hard work and lots and lots of patience. Things need to be adjusted at times. Because what works in some businesses, might not work in the Entertainment Industry. We have to follow their guidelines whether we want to our not. Discipline…it takes discipline. If we have that added with determination, success will be the reward. Your level of success is also contingent upon your discipline and determination. Don’t quit. You might just need to make some adjustments and success for you too, will be the reward!



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