I know my blogs have been scarce lately, I have been busy and also dealing with some health issues. I took a hard fall on the ice and well, hurt myself pretty bad. Then I got the 1st does of the Covid vaccine. I am finally ready to get back to work. We have had a lot going on behind the scenes with Summer Ray. The budget is still being worked on in California. Patience. I cannot move forward without the budget. So I took time to revamp and upgrade the book covers and with some much needed help, I was able to get the writing edited as well. I like to describe it as tedious. The definition is, “too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.” But the results were amazing. I used five different filters for the book covers. It was layer after layer that finally made the difference. To view the books please visit the home page at www.thememoirsofsummerray.com!

We have to be careful not to skip ahead, when something really needs to be paid attention to. We need to provide our best work and it may take several upgrades to get it there. Scripts that lack the layers, don’t have the flavor of success to them. Cakes that are layered with sugary goodness, taste so much better than just plain ones. When I see a cake like this picture, I cannot wake to dive into it. But when I see one without all the icing and embellishments, I am not so thrilled.

Photo by Brent Keane on Pexels.com

We need to make sure we are offering our audiences something that they just cannot wait to sit down and watch. They need to become part of the characters and feel what they feel. To lack this type of emotional connection, is dull and boring and some might even not watch the film to the credits. It is worth going the extra mile to make sure the film is full of emotional ups and downs and not having a steady monotone to it. The unchanging sound of someone’s voice; the unchanging moods, is what monotone is and it is BORING! It has NO expressiveness to it. This is partly why American Sign Language is so amazing because even without sound, it is so expressive. It’s theatrical and this is what we must portray on film. We must be actors without showing that we are acting. We must become our role. We must have this multidimension in regard to our film, and I always think of a multifaceted diamond and how it sparkles when the light hits it. It has so many facets that make up one beautiful ring.

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Just like it takes so many people to make one film, each person is a facet that is knit together to make something grand. But we must have the right people, so as to make sure our film isn’t lacking the variety it needs. If we add layer after layer, if we use the right special effects and wardrobes etc…, we will have a spectacular show that people will have that “I can’t wait to watch it” excitement. We will have a spectacular, picturesque, dazzling and sensational show, and I can’t wait to bring it to the world!

*google dictionary for definitions


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