Twelve years ago, when I first starting writing Summer Ray, I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew the story had to be written. What story? I didn’t know that either! I just sat down and the story began to write itself. The picture is of the first book that is no longer in print.

The screenplay that went with this book was sent home to me burnt in a coffee can. It was hard that someone would be that vicious. I remember giving up. My copy of the script was in a trash can. When I told a friend of mine, she was at my door within the hour. She grabbed the script out of the trash, threw it on my desk and said, “It’s a good story, finish it!” When This Fair and Blighted Land came out,

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I didn’t know 7 more volumes would follow it. To view the series, please visit the home page:!

I would finish writing a book thinking that was the end. But then a few months later or even a year went by, when this feeling inside crept up and I knew another book was to be written. I am writing the 8th volume now. I have wrestled through out years but, have kept going. It’s been like my skating.

My wonderful friend and skating coach, Cathy!
Look for her in the pilot.

I have been broken and bruised, love and hated but I still skate.Why? Because I know it is something I am supposed to do. I don’t always feel like doing it. Sometimes I wish I could just leave the ice for good. But I can’t turn my back on something God has put in me. I have to press through the obstacles and when I do, I am much better for it. I feel this about Summer Ray. I cannot tell you how many road blocks and things that have tried to hinder our progress. But by pressing through to getting this pilot finished and on to the big screen in theaters or perhaps in someone’s living room, it is my heartfelt prayer that God and our persevering will touch their/your lives for the better. But I learned a very valuable lesson. God’s timing is not my own. When I tried to rush things, it didn’t turn out. When I let God lead, Wow! The amazing people He has led us to and the overwhelming support we receive. Plus, He has helped me write a screenplay that I never thought I could. I was pushed beyond my own critical head injury as I suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury. But I have reached further than my injuries and I no longer allow my past to dictate what I can and cannot do.

Hiking Big Round Top where the story started.

America’s restoration is calling for Summer Ray! I intend to have laser focus and give my full attention to the project. Our budget is being worked on in California and as soon as I have it back, it will be full speed ahead getting our investors. If you would like to donate to our project, we have some really great perks. Just click on the “donate” picture at it will take you to our online fundraiser.



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