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So, with our budget being worked on in California, I am starting to work again on the 8th volume. I began writing the story on February 09, 2009 and we are starting our 13th year. It took 12 years being in the “Development” stage. Wow! Still as we finish one phase, we are starting over with another. Thankfully, pre-production and production won’t take as long the development stage. The movie is in the works and truly, it is something I can count on that will be seen through to, “THE END.” I won’t have those two words after the pilot or the episodes – only at the last one. There may be a brief scene of the next episode as it is always neat to see a glimpse of what is ahead.

I have only been able to go as fast as the completed step allowed me. It is like climbing a ladder. I couldn’t climb up to the next rung, until we were ready. Yet, as I climbed up one rung, I was staring at the bottom of another. But looking down to see how far we have climbed, is pretty amazing. We will reach the top. We will finish this series and hopefully we helped, made smile, and entertained a whole lot of people in the process. But more importantly, my heart’s desire is for Summer Ray to being a light and bringing the world closer to the Lord – the LIGHT MAKER!

One day and hopefully sooner rather than later, I am going to make a book out of these blogs. I have several years worth and it would be neat to see our journey like that. I hope to encourage other filmmakers or other dream-makers. I wrote a book awhile back titled: Summer Ray No Matter What!


Once on the brink of suicide, and with just seconds to spare, God intervened on my behalf. I was brought back from utter despair, of the trauma and nightmare I was living with, due to a brain injury. If you or someone you know is struggling with giving up; is deep in depression; facing PTSD; OCD or Traumatic Brain Injury, this book is a must read. Have you ever had a dream so big you knew it was literally impossible to see come true? Are you at the point of giving up because that mountain in front of you, is so high, you know you definitely cannot climb it? Do you feel completely crazy for even having the nerve to think such outlandish thoughts that you could actually make it? Then this book is for you. Welcome to the club of crazy dreamers who dare to be different. If I can overcome the odds, then so can you.

Wow! It was pretty crazy for me to believe God for the impossible. But I have to tell you, the impossible is happening. It’s Him!

Hopefully soon, I will have some much needed to time to add our merchandise to this website. I added the page. So that is a step and you know, sometimes that is all that is needed for a day. There is tomorrow and we have to allow ourselves time to enjoy life and not feel so stressed out all the time trying to get stuff done. I am so busy that I forgot that I spent a few weekends ago updating this website. I just decided not to run for Mayor of Gettysburg. My campaign manager and I worked really hard on this endeavor. But just like Summer Ray, if I had jumped ahead too fast, I wouldn’t have the kind of series I do now. God knew what He was doing. I have to trust that if I do run, it will be in His time and not in my own. We need to look at the big picture and right now that picture is for me to be fully engaged with Summer Ray. We’re on it!



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