Well, I gone and done it now! I am working on volume 8 “Summer Ray – Rising From The Ashes.” I published volume 7 Summer Ray – Summer Rose on July 15, 2019. In the last few pages of the last chapter, I wrote: “If this is,The End,” I know it not. So, for now, I will just say, “Till we meet again.” I should have had enough sense to know just by that, there would be another book following. A year later, I started to write this volume. I think the title is timely for today’s world – Rising From the Ashes. It reminds me of the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell!

I LOVE seeing the characters again and all the new ones too. It’s like I can turn everything off and just go to this different world. I can escape stress and just detach from the chaos and life that can be extremely fast paced. I am in the process of creating the book cover for the new book. Books cover design, is really not in my area of expertise. I will eventually have them all professionally done. But for now, I am happy with them. To view all the books please visit: This picture is of volume 2 – Savannah’s Calling. Well, back to volume 8! 🙂


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