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Wow! I haven’t written a blog since July 8, 2020. I have been extremely busy with my writing group via my Fiscal Sponsor. They are getting ready to publish an eBook. Once it is available, I will post it. The budget/schedule is still being worked on. It takes a long time to cross all the t’s and to dot all the i’s. But Summer Ray is still moving forward. There are times when it seems like it’s at a snails pace. But the good news is, any step forward, is still progress. It might seem slow. But God’s timing is perfect. I have learned not to try to rush ahead too fast . The budget will be finished at the exact time it is meant to be. I feel that God is gathering up those He wants to invest in this project, and at the right time, He will have us connect.

I have no worries about the funding. I know God is true. I know I can trust Him and I know that He will provide the millions it will take to produce the pilot. In the meantime, I am writing other projects and it is nice to expand. Once the budget it finished, it will then be time to seek out our Entertainment Attorney. Wow! The thought that we are even that close is astonishing to me.

If you would like to view our current fundraiser, there are some really nice perks. I have been busy also crocheting Summer Ray scarves. Please click on the link

If you would like to view our fiscal sponsors site From the Heart Productions, please visit Carole and her staff would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

As always, thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world.



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