I keep this snow globe on my desk because it helps to keeps my vision alive. The one thing I love about this globe, is that it rarely snows in Hollywood. So, I shake it every time I sit down at my desk. This is to remind me that we too, our Summer Ray project, is also a rarity. I like to think of snow in Hollywood as so rare that when it does snow, it is an exceptional, and unparalleled event; unique and it definitely draws attention. It’s how I feel about Summer Ray – unique and unlike anything else.

It is because of this type of originality that we have to take our time and make sure that the quality of the film, super exceeds expectations. This is a huge project where pieces are disjointed, but that connect at some point throughout the story. Thus creating a masterpiece of entertainment. I never get tired of the story either. I have been writing it for close to 12 years and it still holds my interest now, as it did the first day I sat down to write it. Character development is essential. But I must confess. I think the characters wrote their own personalities and back stories. I am fascinated with how much they took on a life of their own.

I know many people have been somewhat disappointed with Hollywood. But, we are not giving up on it. It is the film capitol of the world and I cannot wait to stand on Sunset Blvd and explore LA.

To view the Summer Ray books, please visit: www.thememoirsofsummerray.com

Keep your vision alive, no matter how far off or how impossible it might seem. Because at just the right time, or the most unexpected time, it will start to snow for you too. What wasn’t supposed to happen, or what never happens will and Wow! How exciting it will be.

Till next time, stay safe and stay well.


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