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It’s been a few weeks since my last blog. I have been busy also with my writers group from our Fiscal Sponsor – From the Heart Productions. I am so very grateful for Carole and all she does for us. I have met so many amazing people who help encourage me and this is what we all need. From time to time, we just need people who cheer us on. People who believe in our projects. But we must believe in them for ourselves first. I also believe that “nothing is impossible with God.” I believe that the funds are coming to start, and finish the pilot and see it distributed. It is still determined how it will be distributed, but the point is….it will be!

I cannot allow the weariness of life to take me down, or try to cause me to make decisions I would not normally make, if I wasn’t so tired. I have to go back to God and say, “No! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Sometimes, with so much other stuff surrounding me, it does get overwhelming! I feel so weighed down and I just want to bail. Thank God, I don’t! I just need to relax and trust that God is in control. Because He most certainly is. Hard decisions in any business have to be made when necessary and just recently, I went through something like that… that left me broken. I felt I wasn’t strong enough to continue with the project. I was just going to take a step back and let others handle it. But, this is not about my feelings. This is about doing what is right. It is okay for me to grieve. It is not okay for me to give up!

I do not see trees giving up growing their fruit, unless they are cut down by someone or a storm. The roots of Summer Ray run deep. But they come from my own relationship with the Lord. We are right at the picking the fruit. I simply cannot quit now. I cannot cut down what I have worked so hard to obtain. Our seeds are starting to produce the fruit, we have been waiting for. Many people give up right before their answered prayers. DO NOT DO THAT! Go back. Speak life over your dreams. Get your Bible out and read it. Also, I highly recommend you listen to this video by Joel Osteen. It will most definitely set you ablaze with fervor and energy to pull you up out of any pit. Get back to it!

Currently, our budget is still being worked on. Which is a huge stepping stone for us. We still owe our Line Producer $750. If you wish to donate to our project, right now we are just using PayPal. Please note – this is NOT a donation for a non-profit. We will be launching our new fundraiser via our Fiscal Sponsor soon. But in the event you would like to donate to our budget, the email address is:

Also just in case you haven’t seen our illustrated pitch trailer for the pilot here it is…Thank you for your continued support of our project.

We are needed now more than ever! God bless.

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