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I know it has been a few weeks since my last blog. I am usually writing them more frequently. But, I am involved with an amazing writing project with our Fiscal Sponsor, and some other Indie Filmmakers. It’s caused me to expand my thinking. At first, I was somewhat intimidated to be surrounded by so many great minds and well educated people. I almost backed out. I lack the education but definitely not the experience. Then I thought that being around them, I could grow myself and I am. It’s exciting and of course, I am writing about my script writing journey with Summer Ray. So, we will be getting exposure for our project and hopefully my contribution will also encourage other struggling writers. This is actually why I have documented my journey via these blogs and newsletters. I wanted to be a light helping to lead anyone who needs it through, what can be at times, a very dark process. There truly is light at the end of the tunnel. We don’t have to stay starving artists for long, if we simply continue to press forward and not give up!

There is a lot of Summer Ray news.

Thankfully, we have crossed another mile stone and our budget/schedule is half paid for. We still owe the other half. But I still call this progress and it is very exciting to me. Yet! COVID-19 has caused some other issues to arise at the same time. We need to prepare for our future production with safety measures in place, in case we are able to start filming before all of the restrictions are lifted. This can be a huge undertaking considering the size of our project. But, we won’t be deterred from it. No! We will continue on and do whatever is necessary to keep our cast & crew safe and to bring you a fantastic pilot that will leave you waiting on the edge of your seats for the next episodes! Stay safe and stay well. Till next time! God Bless!!! Juliana

Here is a great article from my Fiscal Sponsor’s website: From the Heart Productions!

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