Big Round Top Gettysburg National Battlefield. This is where the story of Summer Ray began.

I am working on finishing up my chapter for an upcoming eBook with my Fiscal Sponsor, Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions that includes other filmmakers. This chapter is going to be around 6,000 words, have pictures, links and a lot of Summer Ray info. And to think at first, I almost didn’t go through with it. This group has people with PhD’s and multiple Master Degrees. While I have only a high school diploma. I became seriously injured and although I wanted to finish college, at the time I simply couldn’t.

I remember saying to myself, “There is no way that I can do this. I am simply not qualified.” I felt like a failure right from the start. I even went so far as to write an email to Carole, but never sent it. I knew I was cheating myself out of an amazing opportunity. So, I backed out, from backing out. My first Zoom meeting with the ladies in my group, the entire time I was shaking. But they were amazing and so incredibly brilliant. They helped guide me on the right path of what I was supposed to be writing about. The next day, I wrote my chapter in a few hours. It is now in the 3rd draft and about to be finalized.

When we come to opportunities that intimidate us, this is not the time to stop before we even give them a chance. Writing this chapter about my screenwriting journey with Summer Ray, showed me the incredible amount of determination we have had and continue to have, in getting this project made and distributed. The amount of work that has already been done, is mind-blowing!

Do not run from the brilliance of others – embrace it and learn from them. Once I understood my assignment, I ran with it. I am proud of my story. Summer Ray truly is a standout story as nothing like it has ever been done before. I know God has a place for Summer Ray and we are moving forward and toward production.

The view the Summer Ray books and website please visit:


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