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I pray this blog finds you safe and well as we begin to open up to a country that has just been put through hell. I took almost two months off of Summer Ray because I needed to focus on just staying healthy. I think, if I were to give myself on a scale of 1-10 how I would rate my handling of this quarantine, I would have to say about a 7! I think I basically handled it the best that I could.

I found myself thrown into a political nightmare with our Governor here in Pennsylvania. I feel that God has impressed it upon me to get back to Summer Ray. So, here I am. I don’t question God’s timing anymore. He knows the exact date (to the millisecond) as to when the pilot will be premiered. He has the sun, moon, planets and stars in His capable hands as the Northern Lights swirl about in the night sky. He can certainly take care of our project. Unfortunately, my impatience gets in the way. But the past two months while in quarantine, I really couldn’t bring myself to do much with it.

Thankfully, I have my second wind. I believe we are needed now more than ever. I am trying to understand how I can work more effectively and efficiently. I need to take a more productive approach to my work and I am truly trying. But having to wear so many different hats that for some I am not qualified at, it becomes draining. I think that best describes how I have felt lately! I literally told the Lord that I had no strength left in me, and that if He wanted to me to keep pressing forward that He had to do something. He did. He renewed my strength. He brought relief. He is showing me how I can be better at my job. This pandemic has shown us how important home viewing really is. At the time of this writing, I do not know if there will be a theatrical movie theater release. The pilot is feature worthy. But, it may end up being a 2 hour made for TV special. I am hoping for a theater premiere at the very least. A lot depends on how the next year goes with “Social Distancing.”

Just know that we are back to work on the pilot! Your prayers for our success is greatly appreciated and that we are working in accordance with God’s plan for the scripts and books. Till next time….Juliana

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