There is something about a “reset” button that actually gives us a fresh start. There is nothing wrong with second chances or changing something that didn’t work. “Reset” is defined as, “to set again differently, anew something.” Anew is defined as “in a new or different and positive way.” If something isn’t working, changing the name can mean a world of difference between failure and success. Our title for the film/series changed times about 3 or 4 four times. I was certain we would stick with Summer Ray The Redemption. But then, I had this thought. The more I worked with the series, the more I saw how important, “time” was structured into the story lines. When I asked our producer about “Woven In Time,” he loved the idea. So, now we have made the official change for our series. It will officially read,

Woven In Time; based on the Summer Ray Series written by: Juliana Love

After the crisis of the pandemic has passed, we are launching a whole new fundraiser. Our budget/schedule will be finally finished, and we will have more concise ideas, information about our project and where we are headed. But for now, please remember that all of the Summer Ray books on Kindle are only $.99 and they have a 14 free lending time attached to them. This is a great time to read up on the story! For more information, please visit the website at! Thank you.

Take care of you…stay stafe and stay strong. Sending you many hugs from Gettysburg.

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