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Upon reading a newsletter by a well known Entertainment Attorney Mark Litwak, I must state that I understand why Summer Ray was not yet funded. God was protecting us from being shut down and/or being stopped all together. This has happened with other productions and series already in progress. I can’t even imagine the heartache, of not being able to finish the Summer Ray Series. So, let me also state right now, “Thank You God, for Your hand upon Summer Ray.

After this pandemic is over with, people are really going to be needing messages of hope and entertainment too. The demand – both the need (economics) and the need for quality entertainment (request), will be high on both accounts. We will help the economy as well as providing emotional, spiritual, and mental outlets. Summer Ray, will be part of the restoration in Hollywood. It will bring a much needed light, after so much darkness has intruded itself upon our globe. Summer Ray might not be smooth sailing, but any good series is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and is not predictable. I watch Hallmark movies everyday – why? Because I am hopeless romantic. So is the character of Summer Ray. But her story cannot be foreseen. Just when you expect something that you think is going to happen, it doesn’t. It turns and some are quite harrowing turns at that! It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions and well…it’s supposed to be!

You can join hands with the heroine Summer Ray and when you find yourselves actually rooting for her, and trying to offer her your moral support – well…we have done our job! We have provided you with some kind of link that has helped you to disconnect from the outside world, even for just a few moments. You are the reason we keep going!

Stay safe and stay well!

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