As an author and screenplay writer, I write what I know. There are also times, when I have no idea where the story and characters will take me. For this particular blog, I am going to write about what I know based on experience.

For me, the film industry has been much like my learning how to be a Figure Skater. When I first started out writing my screenplay, I had no idea how much was going to be involved. I thought I could just write a script and BAM, that would be it. For skating, my love of the ice started 20 years ago. I took my oldest son to his 9 year old birthday party and my boys and I, have not stopped skating ever since. But my first time out – I was entralled with the double axels and spins, and I had determined that – that was what I wanted. Twenty years later, no double axel and still learning spins. Going from “march, march, glide,” to the 8 step mohawk sequence that is necessary to pass Silver Moves in the Field, well – this whole Silver test has taken five years of training and off ice practice. I hope to pass it in the Fall. The point is, I had no idea of the commitment necessary to to master each move. The countless hours of practice; the bumbs; bruises; broken bones; expense and travel time. It has been difficult – but none the less a dream! I have hopefully made life-long friendships, and my family and I have a sport we can all enjoy!

I found out that script writing and being a filmmaker is much the same process as skating. Where I started to where I am now, with the million steps in between, I must have a deep commitment to my project or I would have quit and given up long ago. No one can be me. I only can be me. No one can make me lace my skates up, or spend hours studying filmmaking. I have to want them both and I do. So much so that I push pass the doubts; the fear; the anguish of being in pain over the falls, set backs and rejections; and I just persevere with the faith and belief that I will accomplish the goals I have set out to accomplish. But, I need my coaches both on the ice and off with the film industry – Cathy and Carole! I cannot thank either of you enough. But thank you for believing in me. Sometimes, this is what is so desperately needed – just for someone to believe in us. So, in case someone hasn’t said it to you lately, “I believe in you!” Keep going. Keep moving forward. Keep your faith and hope alive!

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