During times of crisis, like what we are experiencing on a global level due to the Coronavirus, it is hard to focus on the future. The, “What if’s” can take control if we are not careful. “What if I can’t get funded now?” “What if I can’t find a network, or a film festival if I do get funded”? Unfortunately, some film festivals have been cancelled or postponed.; some TV series have been cancelled and have had to stop production. So, the “What if’s” are viable. But they cannot remain a life sentence. We cannot stay stuck in the what if’s. We must push passed them to the “What can be’s?”

During a pandemic, with a virus such as this, there is no discrimination. Rich, poor, celebrity status or someone who is unknown to the world – all are affected by this one way or another. The simple fact that we are human, is our common bond and we all need to be encouraged with light, comfort, hope, and love during the dark days.

Stan Lee once stated:

I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: Entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it, they might go off the deep end.”

Steven Spielberg once stated:

I wanted to do another movie that could make us laugh and cry and feel good about the world. I wanted to do something else that could make us smile. This is a time when we need to smile more and Hollywood movies are supposed to do that for people in difficult times.

Both of these great men, saw the need for entertainment – to help us smile more and to stop us from going off the deep end. In difficult times, storytellers and all those who help bring the story to life, can bring us to a place where the outside world, is something we can disconnect from for a few hours. We are entertained by what we are seeing on the big screen, or from within the comfort of our own homes. We need entertainment. We also need to feel connected to the story we are viewing. To be able to bring comfort, hope, love and light to someone in need and to inspire people – well… it’s precious gift from God, to be able to share His heart and His creative touch with the world.

But let’s not forget one thing. Being a filmmaker – creates jobs. It helps to rebuild a broken economy. We help to feed homes, and businesses. We are doing something good, for so many people and in so many different ways. With Summer Ray, we may see over 500 people on this pilot. That means hotels, planes, gas stations, etc., these are all businesses that will get our business. We have created something that we can give back to our communities with. So, not only will we help people “smile more, ” we will also help boost the economy where were are shooting at. I might not be a doctor or nurse, but like Stan Lee – perhaps we can also help people “to not go off the deep end.” We can help save lives, but just in a different way. Wow! What an amazing privilege. This is why as a filmmaker – we have to tell our stories to the world. Stay positive. Stay focused on the good, and on the future!;;


We are Fiscally Sponsored by the one and only Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions (link above). I highly recommend her! She is amazing as is her team of professionals! We are so blessed with her wealth of knowledge of the film industry, and just about life in general!

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