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I pray this blog finds you in health and that you are staying as calm as possible during this pandemic. I trust it will be over with soon and life will return to normal. But it will have left its mark. I believe from my own personal position, I need to be a lot more prepared, in the event something like this happens again and it will! It doesn’t hurt to learn how to can food, or start storing one item every time I get groceries, to store for future emergencies. Smart buying, instead of panic buying is so much better!

So, what is happening with Summer Ray? Well, I work from home. So, I am still working it. I won’t just let it fall by the way side. I will complete what I started. In times of uncertainty, we need to declare that we will continue on. Summer Ray is needed now more than ever. Our mission is to “Light the World.” Has not this pandemic reached all parts of the globe? Summer Ray is a global mission, and we will complete the series. I understand that our momentum might be lost right now, due to all that is going on. But, we have to keep in motion; we have to keep moving in order to not become stagnant.

Even with this quarantine, I cannot just sit still all the time. Laziness, depression and all sorts of other bad stuff can begin to stop the flow of life. I can also allow my mind to wander off to parts it shouldn’t, like toward doubt and unbelief. So, I have to stay pro-active – period! Rivers flow upstream or downstream. With Summer Ray, we have had to paddle our faith upstream, much more than downstream. But we are still paddling. We haven’t jumped ship and we never will! I will complete what I started. I am in this for the long haul. I am in this, to the completion of the last episode. No, not alone. This is only with the help of amazing people that are in it for the long haul with me! What is it that they say…team work makes the dream work?

Behold, I extend peace to her like a river.” Isaiah 66:12  If you are able, find a river to sit by and just be at peace. Our peace comes from Jesus. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have to still fight off the fear, or the panic. It just means, when I am – I know who to run to.

THE SUMMER RAY KINDLE BOOKS ARE ON A SPECIAL UNTIL THIS PANDEMIC IS OVER! If you click on the link, it will take you to the books. The Kindle books are $.99 and can be shared for 14 days for free. Just click on the book covers and that will direct you to Amazon where they can be ordered!

Happy reading. Stay safe and stay well!

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