Confederate Avenue Gettysburg – Sunrays Cross J&J Photography

As the writer of the soon to be TV series, it is a tremendous reponsibility on my shoulders, to make sure that the story flows the way it needs to and that all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

But thankfully, I am not alone. I have the Lord. I have the best writer of all. The Holy Spirit who lives on the inside of me, almost at times, whispering to me His thoughts. So please! Do not think for one second that I have managed all of this writing on my own. Father God sees the end from the beginning. There are times, when I think something is finished. When in actuality, it is just waiting for the next piece to be added. Perhaps this is why, I have not yet seen any funding. Father God knows the exact time – for funding to come. But this is when the scripts are done to His satisfaction. I pray over the scripts as I want God’s best for them. I agonized many years over wanting feature films. But that was not to be. The decision was hard. But it was for the best, to turn this story in to an hour long series spanning over several seasons. Rushing this story, will do it a great injustice and to the viewers who watch it. I have to do this God’s way. But why not! He knows the end from the beginning. He knows how this will impact the world and in the times that we are living in, we want to bring as much light globally as possible! God is able and why we continue to press forward with our project. Keeping the faith!

Stay safe and stay well!

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