As our normal routines become disrupted, and most of us are staying home for a long period of time, I am working on making all of the Summer Ray books on Kindle for only $.99. Please view the video for further details.

But, to order the books via Kindle, please visit the website Home page. simply click on the book covers and it will take you to Amazon.

In reading through these books, I can see how the story builds; how the issues build; and how emotions become ignited. When I did my mood board, I found there was around 20 different emotions within the story. We are talking forbidden love, danger, fear, laughter, war, and so on. Emotional highs and lows, are necessary to carry us through to the final climactic scene without becoming bored. Narratives cannot be rushed. But they must also be filled with the ups and downs that a good story has to offer. Music must also set the tone. Characters have to advance as the stories advance. They have to be changing and their true personalities must come out. This is why we decided to do the series that is made for TV, instead of feature films. We needed to give our audience time to absorb what is happening.

At the present moment we are not focusing on fundraising, but rather trying to find ways to help reach out. This is why I drastically reduced the Kindle books to only $.99. Millions of people are shut in. We felt this would be a great way to help people pass some of the time, until this Coronavirus is over. Please stay safe and well. We all must listen to the orders of our governing authorities. It is a very difficult time and if we hold each other up, it won’t seem so hard. But, I applaud those working in the medical fields, teachers – teaching from home, the grocery stores and so many more people who are risking their own health to serve the community. Thank you! There is good amongst all of this bad! Let’s also focus on the good.

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