Wow! I was forced to make changes to all of the Summer Ray book covers because of an old cover that wasn’t being accepted by Amazon. It didn’t matter how many times I tried to fix it, I just couldn’t. So, after weeks of trying, I gave up. Yes! Gave up. Something I never like to do. But I finally decided that they were not going to accept them. Below are the new books covers and I am simply blown away by God’s goodness! They will be ready in a few days as I had to upload them and get them approved by Amazon. But these are so bone chilling, as they actually bring the story to life just looking at them! If you go to, and when you see these covers, they will be available on Amazon and ready for sale. All you will need to do is just click on their covers, and they will already be linked to Amazon.


I started writing Summer Ray over eleven years ago, and it means that I am also eleven years older myself. I had wondered if I would have written the same way, the same style if I started writing the series today. But, after I read the books again, I realized that I wouldn’t. I can change them at any time. But I won’t. They still hold my attention now, as they did back then. I would have to go one step further and say, even more so now because we are getting ready to make our pilot. I had a few people from Summer Ray’s past get in touch with me. They were happy but surprised, that the story continued on and that I am still intent on making the TV series. Summer Ray is a part of my soul. It isn’t really in my heart. Because with our emotional heart, our feelings fluctuate. But if something is embedded in our spirit or in our soul, we are not moved by the storms that come and go. We are steady and we hold the line. Besides, I have seen God do so many amazing miracles with Summer Ray already. I can’t stop now – nor will I ever!

If you would like to donate to our pilot, please click on the picture below. It will take you right to our fundraiser that is fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions. All donations via this site are tax deductible. Plus, we have some really cool perks. Thank you for your generous support of our project. Onward!!!


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