My blogs on here have been less frequent, because at the same time, I am working on my www.julianalove.com website too. The picture above, is of the 5 scripts that are almost ready to go. There have been some fascinating changes to the order of things. But, I am not going to disclose them here. You will just have to watch it once released. I will say that I am super excited. I used to just be excited, or very excited. Now I am definitely super excited. I am in awe of God and how He motivates me to do things a certain way. I have had some amazing teachers along the way and I never discount studying from the greats. I believe we must put our best foot forward. But first starting out, don’t be discouraged. Our best foot forward, is the best we know. Over time, our knowledge of our craft expands and then we keep upgrading our best. I have business cards from when I first started out till now. Let’s just say they went from amateurish to professional. But so did the scripts. I could probably write a college dissertation just on what I have learned about the film industy, over the last eleven years, and we are still in the development of the pilot. But, don’t quit or give up. Time doesn’t seem to exist in this business because you never know exactly when, you will be able to get to production. I just keep going and trusting that God will provide all we need, exactly at His perfect timing. Had I been funded even two months ago, I wouldn’t have the right pilot. The first one took about 4 years to perfect. But the 2nd one, only 6 weeks because I learned how to do it. But, there again, had the funding shown up too soon, Summer Ray would not be a grand as she is now.

Something that also took a lot of weight off my shoulders. I am writing a story. I don’t have to be in competition with others because my story is one of a kind to me. I don’t have to worry about the Summer Ray book covers because they are unique to me. I have to stay true to myself, and just do me. Write like me. Talk like me and basically scriptwrite like me. My personality amongst the characters shows. But they also have their own individual back stories and so much so, they act like they are real life – even if they are fictional. One of the best reviews I have received was when a reader told me they went looking for the characters, because they thought they were real people. Stay the course; trust the process; learn all you can; educate yourself on the legalities of this business and be patient. A masterpiece takes precious time!


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