light road red yellow
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am sitting here looking out my office window in Gettysburg. It is cold and somewhat dreary, kind of like my mood. Things appear to be lifeless, dull and almost depressing. But, thankfully this is not the whole truth. Why do I say that? Because at any minute the sun can shine and the temps rise a bit. The wind can cease and the email can bing that a new donation has arrived in my fundraiser.

So, what do we do with the doldrums – “a period of inactivity, slack, and slow?” When things appear to not be happening, or there is idleness? When we are sitting at the red light, just waiting for it to turn green, so we can put the Summer Ray peddle to the metal and drive toward that finish line. To green light a movie simply means, it’s okay to move forward with it. But without funding, we are stuck on red. This can happen for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes team players don’t play. Sometimes we expect too much. Then there is simply the fact that we haven’t expanded and need to. For me, I have taken a little time away from Summer Ray for health reasons and to get some other stuff done too. Still, this project is my baby and I won’t let it slip through the cracks. Having things in order, I am confident the right people are about to come on board. This is so we can take Summer Ray to the next level. I am willing to co-produce with others, just not form a separate film company together with someone. But, I believe that adding a co-producer and what they can bring to the project, is a great idea; someone who also believes in the mission of Summer Ray; and who loves God. So, I need to spend some time researching Christian producers and directors, which in all honesty, I have not done so before and it might be why I am stuck at the red light. But I have to keep in mind, that not all Christians will like Summer Ray. We have ghosts afterall and there might be extremely mild cussing. So, I have to keep in mind that if some reject me, they all won’t. I just have to find the right ones and I KNOW God will lead me to them. Afterall, this is His project.



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