It’s been a whirlwind for me the last several weeks. One thing on the verge of something else. One coversation led to a huge change to the sequence of the series, as I am now in the process of writing the new pilot. New sharper book covers; upgrades to all the websites – there are actually five, with the home base (additional website) as If you check this site, please bear with me, it is still a work in progress. But all of these are to enhance the professionalism of my projects. I am not just with Summer Ray. I am an author of other books, photographer, figure skater, (my newest project) is to learn how to make jewelry and other crafts. It is time to branch out and expand. It is just a lot of work to do and takes a lot of concentration. But my brain tends to work at super sonic speeds and I am all over the map. It is hard to focus on goals.

I hope to complete the pilot script within the next week or two. I will then have 4 other scripts ready to go. It’s exciting these turn of events as they are completely unexpected, but create such an amazing opening act for Summer Ray. We have to start thinking of expanding our horizans. “Expand” is defined as “to make larger or more extensive.” “Extensive” is defined as “large scale, substantial, signifigant.” Summer Ray needs to stretch out to the north, south, east and west. A lot of the story centers around America. But love & the Lord are universal and why Summer Ray needs to expand across the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. The amazing thing is that technology will allow us to do so.  My only piece of advice at the moment, don’t be in such a hurry to get your film or series done. Sit back, take a breath and listen to your heart. Don’t let anyone try and bully you or force you into decisions that you are not sure you should be making. When you are sure, when your stomach doesn’t feel like it is punching you from the inside out, then and only then move forward. Desperate people, especially in this business, accept desperate decisions and it can be disasterous. Your hard work doesn’t need to fall into the hands of the wrong people. Don’t let it.


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