This thought has kept coming to me. “Good ideas with bad execution, equals epic failure.” I can’t help but think of this toddler size, plastic ice rink that the town of Gettysburg put in. This was to see if there was an interest in a “real” ice rink for the future. Well, this thing they put in was so bad that no one really wanted anything to do with it. So, naturally, due to the lack of interest, there most likely won’t be a real ice rink coming to town any time soon. Their good idea was so poorly executed that is was almost an embarassment, and they spent several thousand dollars on this experiment that was doomed to fail. Their “plan, order, or course of action” was just awful.

This brought me to my own plans, order of things and course of actions going ahead. I have had to make a few changes and decided to just concentrate on the legalities for right now. I have to make sure Summer Ray is protected. Period! Over the years, there have been a few who have not wanted me to get involved with an Entertainment Attorney. Which to me, was an immediate red flag. Some people are only wanting what they can get out of Summer Ray, and if you are not careful, you will be used too.

I suggest you read the following article.


(Newcomers are most likely to be taken advantage of).


Get educated before you are taken advantage of!

I would suggest Mr. Litwak’s book as well! (It is pictured above). The link is below. I just ordered it and I cannot wait to dive into it and get a much needed education on law issues concerning the project.




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