Happy Happy New Year! I do love winter – for a brief period of time. Snow makes everything beautiful around the battlefields. But, I love spring and summer. But most of all, I love family beach time!

I have had to pull back from Summer Ray due to health issues and just plain exhaustion. Yet! It was always on my mind. A day didn’t go by that I didn’t think of the project. Addicted no! Committed yes! But, I think it was starting to affect my health due to all of the stress. I even made a Summer Ray Studio in my office – like a vision board type thing that keeps the project in front of me, and helps me to press forward when I see all we have accomplished over the last eleven years. It’s been a rough several months. But thankfully, I am feeling better and ready to get back to work on the project. But, honestly, I am not in a hurry anymore. I feel maybe part of my issues where that I was trying to go too fast, and push too hard. This is God’s project and I MUST go at His speed, with full trust that He will provide everything needed to make this franchise a success. Running ahead of God, just never works out. But, I have confidence that His perfect will for this project is being done. Which is so exciting. What I cannot do…He is! Like the picture, I feel it is a new day; a new sunrise and life is breathable again. I may not have done everything right, but I haven’t done everything wrong either.  So, I look forward to the future and so many wonderful opportunities for Summer Ray. Let’s do this!





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