Listen, people will rain on your happy parade. They will burst your bubble if you are not careful. DO NOT LET THEM! You are responsible for what you are allowing yourself to be influenced by. You have to be the keeper of your own sunshine! Perhaps your film has taken as long as mine and is still not funded. Yet, deep in your heart, you believe it is on its way, even before it manifests! As a Christian, I always turn to the Lord. Sometimes, faith is forced and that is okay. It is easy to become discouraged, especially when people rain on your hope. Do not let yourself get dragged into this type of emotional torture. It’s a hard pit to climb out of. So, stay out of it. You must maintain your own heart and where you believe you are meant to be, doing what you are meant to be doing. People might not understand and they might even reject, neglect and mistreat you. We need to surround ourselves with people of like mind. We cannot be hanging around turkey’s, if we are excepting our projects to soar like eagles. I love turkey’s. But I cannot let them influence my hope or my expectations.

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Be the keeper of your own sunshine. Do not let anyone tell you, “It can’t be done.” Or, “It will never happen.” Find the eagles and stay with them.

bald eagle about to fly
Photo by Frans Van Heerden on


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