IMG_20191005_114743138_BURST000_COVER_TOP As much as I try to not write, I always come right back to it. It’s like this need to write starts to interfere with my day and I have to stop what I am doing and get my thoughts out. I do plan to put all of these blogs in a book soon. I hope to help encourage other struggling filmmakers. Throughout this entire journey called Summer Ray, it started with an idea, a piece of paper and a pen. It has grown to 7 volumes and a screenplay, with over 100 blogs, a brand, newsletters and a website. It’s been a lot of hard work and backbone. But I have never once regretted this journey, and that my friends, is the true essence of the author’s heart. I will not, nor can I quit! We just keep moving forward. As technology upgrades, the world of Summer Ray is exposed to the potential it can reach. People on other continents can, at the click of a button, download the series. It’s phenomenal.

But the time is upon us, where I need to start adding to our team, to take us to the next level. It’s exciting to know how close we are to production. It’s been over a decade since the idea was first written down. I look forward to taking the next steps or quite possibly a giant leap of faith, to get us to where we finally hear the words, “ACTION!”


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