There is something about Fall that turns what is already there, into a masterpiece of color; a work of art. Without all of the colors in this photo, though still on Hallowed Ground in Gettysburg, it wouldn’t have the same eye popping effect. I know.  I have photographed this same place and walked it during the summer months when everything is green and blended together. But during the Fall months, it is like God’s own special effects are added as a sign of the changing of seasons. The air is crisp and we know that shortly there after, winter is on its way and will hang around at least 4-5 months.

This is what I truly believe in for Summer Ray. Every component needs to be pristine and full of eye popping color – or that “Wow” factor. When scripts blend together, it is too hard to distinguish them as separate. Just like the above part on the battlefield. When it is summer, the color is mostly green in the background. The fence posts and gate become almost hidden, and the rocks tend to be whitewashed into the brush around it. Sure it is still hauntingly beautiful. But from a photographic stand point, it doesn’t stand out. It doesn’t catch the eye of someone passing by. When someone reads our pitch package, or business plans or even the script…if they don’t grab their attention right from the start, they run the risk of being tossed into the trash can and the executive or investor moves on to the next project. It takes 30 seconds in an actual live pitch, for others we are pitching to, for them to make a decision whether or not they like us. 30 seconds. It’s a proven fact. So, even our pitches have to be pristine. The pitchees, know if we come prepared. So, I am still working on being prepared!

God knows the exact time and place to present our material. It may have seemed to have taken forever, but in reality, perhaps He was waiting for us to get to where we are now, in the beauty of Fall.




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