IMG_20191009_074203315On my morning walk this morning, I passed by the part of the battlefield where the story of Summer Ray began. The battlefield hasn’t changed. But over the last ten to eleven years, Summer Ray has. It has grown from an amateurish and shy story, to a full blown series with purpose. This is why we can’t be discouraged when we need to go to the next level or step up to a higher level. We want to give our best. Actually we have to do better than our best! This takes patience, grit and determination. It takes loving our projects with all our hearts and not settling for less. It like being an Abel and not a Cain, giving God our best and better than our best. To do this, we have to keep upgrading and improving. We have to care deeply about our projects. Don’t settle! Even if you have to stand up to the business executives. YOU DO RIGHT BY YOUR PROJECT! Refuse to be bullied. They will watch in amazement you crossing the finish line at your premier!



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