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This might be a longer blog, but it contains a lot of information that I just learned myself. Or let me put it another way, I was encouraged and now I am hoping to do the same for you. If you are an Indie filmmaker, first I encourage you to get in touch with Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions www.fromtheheartproductions.com and talk to her about becoming your fiscal sponsor too. She has been instrumental in my success, her and her staff and I cannot thank them enough.

Being a woman in a male dominated business such as filmmaking, sometimes people try to take advantage of me. Thankfully, Father God has my back. This series is like a piece of my own soul, and it can be invaluable to someone else who needs some kind of support. But there have been wolves trying to steal it out from under me. Carole once told me, “You have to be on top of everything in this business of film.” I have to keep checking to make sure it is watered, in order for it to grow. I also have to make sure that I am doing what I need to be doing, and thinking what I need to be thinking. If I am focused on negativity, how will the film ever get to distribution?

I spend a lot of time alone in my office writing. I am not sure if that makes me an introvert. But I also spend time sending out newsletters and blogs, just to try and keep everyone updated. So, I am not totally closed off. I try to keep up with social media, which is a full time job in itself. Sooner, rather than later, this will be a job that I will hire someone else to do. Woohoo! But this series will also create many other jobs and revenue for other people and vendors too. So, this is a good thing we are doing. Plus, anyone who donates to our project via our fiscal sponsor, receives a tax deductible donation. Which also is a good thing. But creating jobs for people, creating revenue for people…is a benefit that we are creating. The days we have to shoot in Gettysburg during the winter months when the town is virtually closed (for the most part), we will be able to bring much needed revenue to the hotels, and restaurants in town that might not normally have much business.

I had to seriously think about a few things. First of all, this script and series is worthy of the funds to create it and bring it to distribution. It is as previously stated, invaluable to someone who might be in desperate need of help. Invaluable is simply defined as “crucial, or vital.” When I think of vital, I think of our vital organs. We need them to survive. I am critically aware of the need for light in this world, and it is crucial for this film series to be a success. Not to mention the fact that we truly will not discriminate. Interwoven into our films are characters, who are white, black, latino, American Indian, Deaf, have brain injuries, disabilities, addicted to drugs and alcohol, oh let’s not forget the witchcraft too. We are patriotically – not politically correct. The removal of history, is our business and we are fighting to keep history, not only alive, but kept it in its rightful place. If some churches understood the true founding of this country and the scripture that we are not to remove the ancient landmarks, they would not be pushing people out of their churches who voted for President Trump, or who fight to keep Confederate history from perishing.

Summer Ray isn’t about to be pushed back by anyone. We will side step and then keep moving forward. I am committed to this project and I will see it through. But, I also know I cannot accomplish that on my own. It is the back bone of those who work with us, and who will be joined, to bring it to completion that is also so very paramount.  But as the leader of this project, I have to make decisions at times that some people will not like. Yet, I own the media and management company, and I own the scripts and the finished film – the product itself. It is imperative that I make the right decisions, not desperate ones.

I am in a learning process myself. How I present myself as the owner, is one of those things that first impressions make lasting ones. If there is one thing that I know about this project is that God’s hand of favor is on it. I must keep learning. I must keep watering the project. I cannot let it fall to hands that want to get what they want out of it, and then have it fall by the wayside. There are thieves out there and we must stay on our guard to not only protect the integrity of the project, but to protect it from being ruined and destroyed to the point, it cannot continue. No! Not on my watch. I believe this is a God given project. I am committed to keeping it secure!

If you wish to donate to our project via our fiscal sponsor

From the Heart Productions, 

please click on the red, “Donate” button. This does not obligate you to donate. It simply takes you to the entire fundraiser for you to view. 



If you wish to view From the Heart Productions website, please click on their logo! 



We Appreciate You! 

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