Just recently, I added an upgrade to what I thought was already an upgrade. It was, just from the previous upgrade! Here is my point. The picture on the left is the first one with the new painted cover. Stunning! Then I had the covers professionally reviewed, and we finally decided to go with the Supernatural/Suspense/Thriller genre! This also meant I had to somehow steer the book covers in that direction. The picture on the right (or top if you are reading this from a phone), is the new upgraded cover. The smoke from the oil lamp billows out and connects itself to the creepy witches in the cemetery!


I was not happy about having to upgrade the upgrade! It was a true hassle. I may still have to tweak it a little. But I must say, it is far more gripping than then first one. Each book now has it’s own unique special effect that speaks volumes to its content. I also changed the cover from a matte to a gloss finish. It’s the little things like this that can truly make the difference. Time consuming or not, the difference is in the detail or lack thereof!

This is the 6th book – The Other Side of Time! Same painting…just a few special effects and a few font changes.


My choice would be to grab the one on the right (or bottom). I have had others tell me the same thing. These are the type of upgrades we need to be willing to do, if we want to reach an audience vast and wide. This is how I will be with the film and mini-series as well. I am not going to be any less meticulous. I will still “show great attention to detail, and be very careful and precise” most likely to the point of frustrating my producers and director! But as the owner of the books, script and finished products, my name is attached to all of that.

We cannot be so desperate to make the film that we override and run over precious details that enhance the beauty of it. I want attention to detail. I want to make sure that all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted. It is imperative to get it right. Our viewers and readers are that important to our Summer Ray franchise!

We are currently fundraising to pay our Entertainment Attorney and the Line Producer for the budget/breakdowns.  If you would like to donate a tax deductible donation via our Fiscal Sponsor From the Heart Productions, please click on the red, “Donate” button. This takes you to our fundraiser to view, and by no means does it obligate you to donate.




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