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Recently, I heard someone say, “They might not go to church. But they will go see a movie.” God is not so uncaring that He doesn’t want to reach people where they are and where they go. He has ministers in all four corners of the world. We are just made up of different skills, talents and callings. As an author, I try to reach people with books. As a film producer, I am praying to reach people with the visual medium of movies and a mini-series. Having a faith based film, I have struggled with how to pitch this series. Right now it is Historical/Fiction. Some say it is a “Supernatural/Suspense/Thriller.” Others tell me, it is a War Drama/Romance. The truth is, it is all of the above combined. The faith part comes on the scene, at times, in some very signifigant ways that causes us to feel what the characters are feeling. Summer’s faith is tested and at times, aren’t we all?

Many people have left the church and there are countless reasons why. None of which I will try to calculate. I believe Summer Ray has the ability to lead people to the Lord and to the hope and light they so desperately need. This is not the doing of Juliana Love. It is God’s. It is He who has empowered me and enabled me to do what I do. It is He who has given me the stamina to keep going. Why? Because He already sees the people who will be changed because of it. He sees into the future. He knows those who will be blessed by this series, in ways that nothing else could have. This is, once again, the doing of Almighty God who loves every reader of the book series, and every viewer of the film and mini-series.

Summer Ray is a mission. The world seems to be getting darker and darker. We want to be a like stars, in someone else’s midnight sky! Stars are noticable. But one has to look up to see them. But many people are so bogged down by life and Satan that they simply cannot look up on their own. But, you know what? At the movie theater, you have to look up. Even from the top row, you still have to look up, even if it is just a slight tilt of your head. You are still looking up! And so ends the great debate. The pilot of this series, as previously stated, will remain a feature. Perhaps this ninety minute-to-two hour film, will start the process of you looking up! What greater job could God have given me, then to help bring people to His love? This is why I do what I do!

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If you would like to view and/or donate to our film, please click on the red, “Donate” button. This ONLY takes you to the fundraiser first. It does not obligate you in anyway to donate. God Bless you and Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world. You ARE greatly appreciated. 



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