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My heart in all of this Indie filmmaking process, is to also help other Indie filmmakers in the process as well. Eventually, once I reach the 365 blogs mark, I am going to put them all in a book. I journal what I do for this very purpose. But it will also be neat to go back and read the blogs and see where my journey started and how God, along the way, brought us through.

I, myself, have matured through this. Process is defined as “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” Many people give up half way and don’t see their dreams come to pass. But, seriously, think about it this way. If you have gone half way already, why not continue on? You will have to go another half way to get somewhere else. Why not just keep on keeping on, in the direction of your dreams? You have to step on a path leading somewhere, so why not walk to the completion of your dreams? Becoming a filmmaker was never on my radar or on my list of “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up!” It just so happened, it came to me the day I fell down Big Round Top in Gettysburg. The Summer Ray Series began and so did me, as a filmmaker, and the owner of an upcoming franchise! This was not in my plans. But it was in God’s. This is God’s project. I have learned over the years that there is no fear in love. I remember the days when I was so stressed out about the funding. I remember the days when I would say, “I have to get the funds.” It was all about me and what I had to do. But, I was immature in my thinking. I was a child and new to all of this filmmaking stuff and I thought it was all up to me to get it done. But, seeing God do so many amazing things, I have been able to step back and say, “Ok! Father God, this is your project. You are the one in charge. You are the one who is helping me. I don’t have to take this burden on alone. The funding will come in as You want it to. You will bring it in at Your timing, not mine.” I have been able to finally cast my burden on Him. I don’t even have to deal with the contracts. This is for the Entertainment Attorney to do. I was buried underneath a thought process that I thought I had take care of stuff that I had no idea, nor business even trying to take care of.

I need to take care of what God allots for me to do. When He instructs me to do something, I do it. But I don’t have to take on responsibility that He doesn’t ask me to take on. God knows every detail of this film. He knows every second. He knows every frame even before it is made. He sees the finish product and He is well pleased. He is pleased with me because I finally can rest in His arms, knowing that He is the one in control. I may want to get to production, like right this minute, but I have learned over the years that God knows the exact second production will begin and it will be glorious!

I would write to you today, do not give up. Remember, if you are already half way there, just keep going in that same direction. Another half way and you will be at the finish line!




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