As a fellow filmmaker, normally I do not and will not speak out against any film. But with the latest Hollywood film called, “The Hunt” by Universal Pictures, I cannot not speak up! It is about a group of elite Liberals who hunt Trump supporters for sport, such as hunting wildlife. Only in the film, the objects are human and not animals. Trump supporters are called, “Deplorables.” Let’s dig deeper into what this word Hillary Clinton uses actually means. It is defined as “something extremely bad or unfortunate, to give up as hopeless – (like those of us who are Trump supporters are a hopeless cause), very poor condition or quality, criminal, vicious, wrong, without conscience, morality or without respect to the law, wretched, worthless, depraved, disposed to evil, diabolical, devil like qualities.”

We know Hillary Clinton started the deplorables movement when she was running for the Presidental election for 2016, and lost miserably. One of the definitions of deplorable is “devil like qualities.” So, in a nutshell, Hillary Clinton started a movement stating that all Trump supporters are like Satan. This movie, “The Hunt” uses Trump supporters as target practice, enjoying the kill for sport, and although Universal Pictures has decided not to release this film on September 27th, it will still be released at some point! Not only does this film contradict itself, because many Democracts – especially the elite Liberals in Congress are doing exactly what we Republicans are being accused of, it is also encouraging murder of innocent people! Talk about depravedcorrupt, wicked, preverted – wicked (goes right back) to diabolical and devil! Yet Universal Pictures will at some point, release this kind of motion picture, for all eyes to view, even teenagers who may or may not be influenced.

Steven Spielberg once stated,

This is the time to smile more and Hollywood movies are supposed to do that for people in difficult times.”

How can anyone smile at a movie such as this? I respect the fact that in light of the recent mass shootings in America, the release date has been pushed back. But, there again, it will still be released. Summer Ray must get made!!! Even its name has light to it. The film/mini-series title is Summer Ray The Redemption! Our goal is to light the world, not add to its darkness. Love is universal! But so is hate. Yet, love is the stronger of the two. Your support of this project is so urgently needed. If the times in our country and in our world were not at such a desperate state of evil, I would not be pushing in persistence to get it made now. But, unfortunately, times have dictated the need. We must rise to the occasion to fight off the evil that is trying overtake our America and the world we live in.

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We have to counteract the evil that Hollywood is wanting to and has lavished on our society! I am not saying that all Hollywood films are evil. But there most certainly ones that are, especially this latest. We must neutralize it and withstand it with faith based films. Even if these movies are still to be made, we must give society something else to view that points to love, truth and light – none other than Jesus Christ, Himself!  The Light of the World!

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