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Just recently, I was overwhelmed with discouragement. I felt buried under the pressure of this project, and although I would never quit, my emotions got the better of me. I felt like I was dragged under weights I could not lift. People often think I am like super woman. But they don’t see me when I am alone, in my office with tears in my eyes. Or my disappointment when things are taking longer than I had expected. Or the financial burden of having to carry this project. They don’t see the many times I fall and have to pick myself back up. They don’t know of the doubt that I have to force myself to not listen to.

But, one or two steps forward, took some of the pressure off of me. Then I read am email that said, “Keep pushing forward.” When you push something, you have to exert force. It isn’t going to move on its own. If I don’t push passed this roadblock of  my own emotions, they won’t move and they will overtake me instead. Even just doing one thing today for the project is pushing forward. Sometimes things need to be chipped away at a little at a time in order for them to breakthrough. When you cut down a tree using just an axe, it take a few swings and more depending on the size of the trunk. Some people are talented artists and they can make beautiful ice sculptures from a block of ice. But it is with one chip at a time. We may have started out as one big chunk of ice. But over time, we have started to develop into an astonishing masterpiece.

So if you are like I was discouraged, don’t be. Trust the process and keep pushing forward!



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