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Focus is defined as “center of activity, center of attention to.” A few synonyms to focus are “centerpiece, spotlight, core, bull’s eye, point of convergence.” It is almost like we have to have tunnel vision in this business when it comes to fundraising. I am told a lot of times that I can’t focus on the funds. But, even the Bible states, “Money is the answer for all things.” Without money, this film cannot be made. People have to be paid. Supplies, wardrobes, permits and all kinds of things are needed, especially the cameras and they are not cheap…not to mention the people behind them doing the filming.

There were years, when funding wasn’t needed to the capacity that it is now. Those are the years I spent behind the scenes getting the books finished, polished and shined; the websites connected with the logo and branding; film proposal; the copyrights secured and the list goes on and on. My focus during this time was more of me fretting about the funding, as opposed to having a balanced, strategic and well thought out plan on how to go after it. I did several fundraising campaigns and we have one ongoing with Network for Good via our Fiscal Sponsor – From the Heart Productions. But, the centerpiece of my thoughts now, must be on the funding so we can move into production. This means, I must have my ducks in a row, especially in having a powerful and persuasive presentation. I must seek out funding from businesses I mention in the books. Businesses and causes that we support and stand behind. I have to now be narrow-minded and zoom in, on the funding, so we CAN move into production. I have to go back and comb through our Fiscal Sponsor’s book written by Carole Dean, “The Art of Filmfunding,” and I have to now see it is an art and not a chore. My perspective has to be one of, “Wow! This truly is a gift from God that we have gotten this far in the project that we are now ready to secure the funds to go to production.”  This is not like doing the dishes. This is a priviledge, to finally be at a place where we can go after what we need. We are fiscally sponored and this benefits the donors with a tax deductible donation, plus a few of our many splendid perks that we offer in support of our film.

The reviews I get from the books have all been amazing. I think an attitude adjustment has to come from me first. My new coach, Cathy was teaching me a lesson and something she said really stuck with me. A famous male skater missed a quad jump – but had 3 successful triple jumps. At the end of the performance – his attitude was really bad – which ultimately cost him points. Then she told me, how a young skater missed a jump and at the end she was all smiles, bowed and acted like it was the greatest performance of her life. The judges gave points in her favor, even with a missed landing.

My enthusiasm for so long has been low. I have not been “lively, eager with enjoyment, excited, or on fire” to go after this film funding. My passion for it was lost. I was so caught up in the work that I began to see it as a chore and hard labor. I have not allowed the “Law of Attraction” to bring me what I have needed. My passion, emotions and zeal have not been at the level they have needed to be. Why should the Law of Attraction work in my favor, if I am not a magnet for exuberance…”full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness?” I am not “sparkling, or showing effervescene, nor am I exhilarated.” I am not bubbly like champagne. Nope! I have lacked the proper attitude and the right tools. Filmfunding has been something I have dreaded. I regarded it with fear and apprehension, and with heart that would sink every time I thought about it. Faith cannot operate in the same life as fear. I need to fix the problem and no longer fear, but rejoice in the ability this project has to save lives and lost souls. It is a worthy cause!

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