When you see me now at the age of fifty-six, turning fifty-seven in October, you do not see a woman who is injured and suffering the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury. You do not see the invisible struggles. Instead, you see a woman that is strong. Yet, you do not know that the left side of my body, I have no feeling in it. You don’t see my left arm hang down at times while ice skating and me having to force my body to work harder. You don’t see me battling with my left leg on the ice to do what I need it to do either. I am a true walking and skating miracle.

After my injury, the doctors gave me narcotic pain medication and basically told me that “eventually,” I would be paralyzed. This led to deep depression and “eventually,” I contemplated suicide. So, what does this have to do with the story of Summer Ray? Everything! Her story, is my story. I wrote this, so that anyone suffering and thinking that life cannot get any better, will find the hope, encouragement, and the courage to move forward. I am not supposed to be doing what I am doing. But, yet, I do it!

My walking friend Tina told me, “You are a walking miracle.” I want to help be a miracle in someone else’s life too. This is why this film is so imperative. The impact it will have on the world can be astonishing. But, it has to get produced and distributed. I guess most of my desperation is not so much in the fundraising, but the purpose for the film – to see people’s lives changed for the better. Because before American History; before the entertainment of it all; there are individual people who need help. There are people right now who are in a state of despair, like I used to be. I want them to see my story through the eyes of Summer Ray and find that beacon to light their way. That God truly has shed His grace on them and loves them too. I want people to understand that my passion for this project is not just to make a buck, but it truly is to help change the course of someone’s life for the better!

If you would like to donate to our project, please click on the red, “Donate” button. This is a tax deductible donation via our Fiscal Sponsor, From the Heart Productions. Carole Dean will send out your tax deduction letter. There are also some really cool perks for supporting our project! But, if you can’t donate, even sharing this is of great assistance to us. Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate you.



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