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Our Fiscal Sponsor Carole Dean of (From the Heart Productions), has such an amazing team. I had recently listened to one of their podcasts and I was blown away by two words…”starving artist!” Why would funding come to me, if I kept pronouncing to the world that I am a starving artist? Even the Bible says that “life and death are in the power of the tongue.” All this time, I have been in agreement with the words, “starving artist,” and I didn’t even know it. I accepted that as a fact. Therefore, it was truth and the way things have been.

The lack of funding has malnourished my bank accounts. It has caused me to be: deprived, famished, empty, a borrower, not having my needs met, a skeleton in how I want to live, anorexic, sick in my finances, and not being able to move forward with the film. It has been extremely frustrating, (not that the time wasn’t used for good when I didn’t have the funding), because it was. Absolutely it was. I was able to fine tune the script and get a great deal of work done; while others drew the storyboards, painted the pitch trailer and helped to promote the book series. But, unless a change is made to my thinking and speaking, I will never be funded and have the chance in producing a hugely successful film, or ever be well known as an author and all my hard work will be for nothing. I will keep reaping the words – starving. This means that those who are in need of my work, will also be deprived of it. It will all be taken from them too.

This is quite terrifying to me. Thank God, He showed me what I was doing wrong, and what the hold up has been. It’s time to change my words to meet the need. I am no longer a starving artist.

I am now as of June 07, 2019 a very rich artist. I am a prosperous, wealthy, superabundant artist. I am abundantly supplied with resources, funds and anything I need to succeed. I have more than enough funding furnished to finish this film to distribution, to have my needs and the needs of my cast and crew met, as well as others not directly involved. We are givers and we care about being a blessing to others in need. In Jesus Name…Amen!”

NEVER EVER AGAIN CALL YOURSELF A STARVING ARTIST! Change your words to meet the need.


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