Photo by Brent Keane on Pexels.com

Once again, I am working on the first script. It’s almost like designing a wedding cake. The cake without all of the decorations and embellishments, would just be an ordinary cake. These final tweaks of the script, are like the added pearls and flowers to the cake pictured. The added greenery is the finishing touch, to make this cake spectacular and a work of art. It stands out from other ordinary cakes. I have always said that Summer Ray is the stand out story!

Ordinary is nothing special. It’s common, expected, typical, usual and (in my opinion), boring. A lot of films and TV series are predictable. You already know the ending from the beginning, and there isn’t much room for excitement. It’s the normal for fairy tale ending stories, which I habitually watch regardless. I am a helpless romantic and I will always watch the happily ever after stuff.

With Summer Ray, we want our viewers to be surprised. Having a book series that the live versions are adapted from, I don’t want what is expected to be the reality. I won’t give any spoilers here. But, I can visually see the film, and I am thrilled with the way this screenplay has developed. Had we gone into production a few years ago, or even a year ago, or perhaps even last month, we wouldn’t have what we do now that was needed to make this script even more decorative and compelling. We needed those last few bits and pieces that grip the audience and captivate their attention. We could have stopped with ordinary and then flopped at the box office! We would have been dead in the water and not be able to move forward to the Part II of the series. I thank God, He has not let that happen. I thank God, He has helped me with this project and has granted me the ability to see it through to completion.

I look forward to bringing you an amazing live series that I hope will bring you many years of enjoyment, entertainment and perhaps the encouragement you need, to search out and make your own dreams come true! I am happy that we have gone the extra mile or the ten thousand extra miles. Because truly, this is where the difference is; from ordinary to extraordinary; from mediocre and average, to grand, awe-inspiring and just plain sensational. To God be the glory!


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