Wow! I have been busy. But wanted to get on here and bring some much needed updates. Our pitch trailer will be ready in a month. This means we can launch our new fundraising campaign May 1st. I will add the links once I have them.

I was thinking this morning about how some people have been surprised that the project was still moving forward. They hadn’t seen the progess and thought we were either at a standstill or going backwards. I have worked endlessly on this project since day one. I have been working behind the scenes and while I was thinking this, I immediately thought of God. I actually had to repent and told Him that I was sorry. I do the same thing to Him. There were times when I didn’t think He was doing anything either. But, He too was working behind the scenes all along, and in His way and in His timing, He will show up and amaze us all!

This is my hope for Summer Ray. We will show up too and seeing people enjoy the film means, they will have something of value to keep with them. They will have God’s heart. We want to see people blessed and why we are working so hard to bring you an outstanding film series. Just know we are on it and we are still here, moving forward! Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world.

My Best,

Juliana Love

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