I find it very sad that some of Hollywood’s most elite actors and actresses are threatening to boycott “Georgia,” if Governor Kemp signs the “Heartbeat Abortion Bill,” banning abortion after a heartbeat is detected. He believes that Georgia is committed to life and that of the rights of the unborn.

These actors feel Georgia will not thrive without their input. May I remind you of Sherman’s March to the Sea? First of all, the South will always rise again with or without your help; with or without your business; and most certainly, with or without your camera crews. You seem to forget that the unborn have rights too. If you don’t want a ban on abortions, stop getting pregnant! How much simpler can it be? Yet, you want to use abortion as birth control.

Here at Summer Ray, we believe in the sanctity of life. We uphold and fight for the rights of the unborn and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. So, to the Alyssa Milano’s, we will still film in Georgia and no, we don’t need your permission!


CEO Love Studios


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