I felt an urgency inside my soul, to finish the 6th Summer Ray book. It was almost as if a chain was wrapped around me, because it took almost two years and the thought of finishing it was just a total drag! Finally, I sat at my computer and prayed. There was no way I was going to finish anything without God’s help. Not only did I finish the 6th book in record time, the picture above is the 7th and final book cover. I will have this one finished in a week or two. Let’s recap. It took me 5 years to finish the first book – This Fair and Blighted Land. The last book volume 7, will take me a few short weeks. See, when God puts the peddle to the metal, it’s a whirlwind and things get done very fast. But, I have always said, “In His timing.”

My focus has truly never been about the book series. But rather on the film series. I only wrote the books as guidelines to the films. I never really intended to market the books or sell them, until several people told me to. They are on and also can be found via the book/movie website 

Millions of people love to read, especially me. I love to curl up on my couch and just read a good book. It helps my brain think on something else besides writing. I know it sounds funny. But if the book isn’t actually mine, I don’t have to think so hard. I am my own worst critic. But, for this particular series, I feel the reader needs to see it on the big screen, in order to get the full experience. But, some say that films are never as good as the books. I am believning this won’t be the case for our Summer Ray series. The books are not bad, if they were, I would not be selling them. I just think the live version, added with music and special effects that the focus needs to still be on the film.

So, once volume 7 is finished and I can stop writing the book series, I can then focus all of my attention on the film series. This is until someone on my crew tells me to do a book signing. I know this is necessary and I actually love meeting people when they come to the table. I love promoting the series, I really do. I just would rather spend my time getting to production. But, with the right production team, I won’t have to spend so much time on the film. I will have more time to focus on the marketing the series as a whole – book and film series. Most authors do not write the scripts to their own novels. I just happened to learn how to do it, so I did. I am very proud of the script. It was sent out three times to professional script editors and we have a locked and solid first script. Truly, I am amazed at how the series took me to so many places. The hardest part of all of it was having to write about demons and Satan. It was not enjoyable to me. But, as a faith based book and film series, I couldn’t leave them out. Some preachers from the pulpits do that. But, I certainly could not.

I always have to remember this is a faith based story. It might not be so blaring that it is shouted from the rooftops, but faith still plays a huge part of the storylines. Faith is what kept Summer enduring the impossibilities that she faced, day in and day out. I am truly looking forward to production. It’s gonna be awesome!

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