With the 6th book finally finished, I am now able to see the ending of the series with the 7th and final book. So far, with the books, this has been a 10 year journey and it will most likely be another year or two before the 7th book is finished. But, at least the end is in sight. The 7th book is titled, “Their Higher Ground” and all of the characters come back in this last book. It has been quite the adventure that is for sure as the films are just beginning, the book series is ending. I can’t say that I am sad about it. I just can’t believe its already been ten years. But, one of Summer Ray’s purpose is to help history survive the future. It will leave its mark for generations to come and for that I am truly thankful.

As I begin the last and final book in the series, I get to remember all the characters and other places Summer got to visit. I am thrilled that she has grown as a person in spite of her having Traumatic Brain Injury. Though there was a time she tried to commit suicide, she pulled through and found her purpose. Which as the writer of the story, this is something I want others to hear. I have PTSD, TBI, OCD, ADD…but all of these combined – in many ways helped me. They confined me to working at home because I could not work an outside job around so many people, or having set hours. Plus they helped me to expand my imagination with the help of the Internet. Writing historical fiction has been a truly amazing experience for me. I was able to connect what is important to me all in one story; my love for God; my family; my friends; history; our military past and present; my country; skating; New York City, Gettysburg, (to name a few places), my dreams of romance; my love for the beach; and my sincere desire to help the lost. Plus, in this story, I was able to expose the devil for who he really is and to bring out the Angels who are with us all the time.

Somehow it worked, me and my head injury and crazy imagination. I was able to form new ideas, with the help of the Lord who is always with me. I was able to connect the dots at the end that I had no way of doing in previous books. But, it worked. Somehow by the hand of God, it worked. He knew the end from the beginning and He guided me on this amazing tour through Summer’s journey. So please, do not sell yourself short. If you have any kind of injury or disability and think you can’t do something worth while and of value, don’t give up on yourself or on God. You can do anything you set your mind to. I never wanted to be a film producer or an author. In fact, I wanted to be a journalist on Capitol Hill. Which is kind of weird because I just wrote about Capitol Hill in the 6th book. So, in a way, I am doing what I always wanted to do career wise. I just want to do what God wants me to do. I might not be able to talk in complete sentences at times, but I can write. I might not be able to feel the skates on my feet, but I can skate. I was determined to defy the odds and so can you. I wasn’t happy about it all at first being injured, but something good came out of it. I woke up an author. I gave life one more chance and please, please, please do the same!

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