Coming into our 10 year anniversary, I am seeing more clear what my role in all of this will be, once the first film is completed. I can say with all honesty, I will then just be the writer of the story. It could be another 2-3 years before the first film is produced and distributed. I will have invested 12-13 years of my life into this project. I will have to finish the 7th volume and hopefully by then, it will be, at least that is my goal. I am needed to help this first film cross the finish line. Then, I can go on to other things like promoting the series, write the scripts and my other work. I won’t show back up as an actress until later on in the films. I don’t mind anymore passing the baton. I feel God is leading me to this and I am very happy with this decision. I can look back on this labor of love and know that I gave 1,000%. I will remain CEO of Love Studios and I will still be involved. But, no where near like I have been. Trusting others to run and finish the race that I started, is exciting. It means God has so much more for me to do. I do not need to micro-manage. It is actually very freeing. I hope to help other Indie filmmakers accomplish their dreams too. Maybe I will get to travel the country or the world, promoting our films and helping others to succeed. Whatever it is, I know that those who will take on the remaining films, I will trust to do so. 

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