Wow! In keeping up with consistency, I am having to redo all the Summer Ray book covers. This is so the 6th and 7th volume match the rest. It is an unexpected task. But, it has to be done. When things are consistent and in order, things have a certain flow about them. There is a steady appeal that also brings a normalcy and trust. But, for me, it also makes things all the more professional. For a person who is very visual, having 5 books formatted the same, and not the 6th and 7th, I personally wouldn’t buy any. If the book covers can’t be consistent, how good can the pages written between the covers be? Unfortunately, it takes a few seconds to make a choice. It doesn’t matter how good a story is. If people don’t get passed the cover, they won’t open it to find out. 

This is also why we are working so hard on our pitch trailer. It is an expensive task, but a necessary one. This is another one of those things that has to be done and done right. This trailer will be shown to producers and investors and to help others get interested in the story. But, if they see a trailer like we have previously made – (although much effort went into it), it will fall flat and not do what it is being created to do. We are taking great strides to go the distance. But, sometimes that requires we cross over some bumps in the road, or we may have to go back and redo something. It can be taxing on ones nerves. But, it is also worth the effort to make a better performance. On the ice, my coach doesn’t let me move on if I haven’t mastered a certain move. He enforces his authority as my coach and I listen to him. He and I both know that what I am learning today, will have an astounding effect on how I perform next year. We simply cannot skip the steps. I can’t learn an axel, if I haven’t learned the starting moves that will eventually catapult me into the air. If I haven’t mastered the back spin, I wouldn’t know how the rotations feel in the air. So many things tomorrow, depend on how things are done today and what I am willing to do to make things better and stronger. 

Sure, I get tired. Sure, I feel as if I can’t type another sentence. But, I persevere because I have an outstanding support system. I can see the films finished and it is important for me to be able to help other people see their potential. It is important to help people smile. It may cost me a few nights of restless sleep. But, it’s worth it! 


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