Wow! It has almost been 10 years since I climbed Big Round Top in weather conditions such as these. I will be starting a book tour in 2019 as well have many film events throughout the year, to celebrate our anniversary. I am happy with all of the background work we have accomplished. I feel we are ready to move forward and once our pitch trailer is finished, we will have something amazing to show about our project. I plan to get all of these blogs into one book after the film is distributed. One of my goals is to help other Indie filmmakers succeed. 

Ten years and counting. I wouldn’t change my course even if I could. I feel this is the right thing for me to be doing. God have me such a thirst for history. I need to help preserve it. I know we will get backlack from those who are against the preservation of our past, but that is okay. We are ready to take our stand and stand we will. There is no turning back for us. We are progressing forward and we will complete this film series. It is an important piece of entertainment and art, but also it is a way to bring what is invisible, visible. I am talking about Angels who are around us every second of every day and night, and the goodness they bring. It is my prayer that those who need to see Jesus in this film series, will! I  hope that those who are struggling, like single Mom’s or Vets with PTSD, will find strength and promise by watching these films. It is a mission as well as entertainment to light the world.  Hopefully, for the 90-120 minutes while  in the theaters or at home watching our films, for these short moments of time, we hope those watching can forget their troubles and just find something of value, and hope of better days ahead. We want our viewers to feel as if Summer Ray was made just for them. Because truthfully, it really is! 

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