Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Love Studios. I am so excited about what 2019 will bring. 2018 has been a hard year of ice skating injuries for me that started with a broken wrist. I am now nursing a hurt knee, but still going strong. For the film, we were able to persevere through a lot of other trauma and here we are. We just brought our Director on board. It’s another miracle. When I told our Fiscal Sponsor about it she simply said, “Keep going!” This is the kind of encouragement we all need, no matter the dream we are working on accomplishing. There have been some hard and sad set backs in the past. But, we kept going. We had to. Quitting has never been an option. I thank God He gave me the grace to keep going and we will continue on till distribution and on to the 2nd film. It might not be easy. But if it were, everyone would do it. This is a common saying. But really is true. There are days when I do not feel like going to the ice rink. There are times (like yesterday) when I just had not felt well, but managed to finish a lesson. The times I don’t feel like doing something, are the times I know I must press through or nothing would ever get done. I now have to work on breakdown sheets. This, I absolutely do not feel like doing. But they are part of the business and they have to be done. So, my Thanksgiving holiday I will be working on them and yes eating lots of turkey with my family. But, because we are at the stage of breakdown sheets, it shows just how close we are to production. It is another milestone we are crossing. I don’t know how much longer it will take to raise the funds to start filming, but there are still a few more pieces left to be put in place – but just a few. Instead of a 1,000 there are only a few left. Isn’t that awesome!!!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you a very blessed day! 


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